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With 121 horsepower and the Toro-exclusive planetary gear reduction trencher drive technology, the RT1200 delivers maximum power and productivity to make short work of long runs through the most demanding conditions.


Consistent Performance: Load control option allows the operator to control the percentage of engine output dedicated to ground drive to ensure the performance of digging implement is maintained as ground conditions change.

Highly Maneuverable: Standard four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering, with the option to automatically transition to crab or coordinated steering, makes the RT1200 easy to handle.

Dual Hydrostatic System: Inline hydrostatic ground and attachment drive system provide optimal performance for trenching and plowing.

Versatile Design: The tool carrier chassis design allows machines to be converted from tracks or tires, and the ability to change and add attachments as needed: trencher, rock saw, backhoe, vibratory plow, reel carrier, counter weights and backfill blade.

Faster Backfilling: Six-way, heavy-duty backfill blade operated by a single control lever. Float position allows blade to smoothly follow the ground’s contours.

Respond to Changing Terrain: Standard tilt frame allows the operator to tilt the machine by variable degrees in order to maintain trench angle as the surface terrain changes.

Power You Can Count On: Powered by a Cummins® QSB4.5L, 121 hp 4-cylinder, liquid cooled, diesel engine - trusted for its power, reliability, and lifespan.

Operator Focused: Open-design operator platform and high-back pivoting suspension seat with lumbar support and multiple adjustments provides comfort and visibility for all-day productivity.

Precise Control: Ergonomic traction, backfill and attachment control levers mounted to the operator's seat maintain productivity while the seat is rotated. Full color, easy-to-read LCD display allows operator to monitor and respond to machine performance information.



  • Attachment Pump Capacity 48.5 gpm (183.6 L/min)
  • Auxiliary Pump Capacity 48.5 gpm (183.6 L/min)
  • Auxiliary Pump Relief 2,750 PSI (190 Bar)
  • Axle Type Locking Differential, Outboard Planetary
  • Cooling System Liquid Cooled
  • Dimensions 159.6" (405 cm) x 85.8" (218 cm) x 110.4" (280 cm)
  • Engine Cummins® QSB 4.5 Diesel
  • Fuel Capacity 48 gal (182 L)
  • Ground Drive Pump Capacity 48.5 gpm (183.6 L/min)
  • Ground Drive Pump Relief Pressure 5,365 PSI (420 Bar)
  • Hydraulic Oil Capacity 40 gallons (151 liters)
  • Maximum Creep Speed 1.2 mph (1.9km/h)
  • Tires 38 x 18-20, 12 ply
  • Track 18.5" (47 cm) wide
  • Transmission 4 speed shift on the fly Hydrostatic
  • Transport Speed 10.2 mph (16.4 km/h) fwd. 7.1 mph (11.4 km/h) rev.